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Welcomes you to the CERT PT

Chung Hua University is delighted to welcome you to join the Certificate for Practising Teachers: Promoting Professional Development Pathways in the Higher Education (HE) Sector programme. As a premier teaching and professional development-focused organisation, we are ideally placed to give you the best possible chance of obtaining this Trinity College London, internationally recognised, professional qualification. The Trinity CERT PT is an in-service vocational teaching qualification at Level 6 on Ofqual’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)

You'll also be working on one of the most beautiful campuses in Taiwan. Take our campus tour:

Chung Hua University CERT PT Course Objectives

To support teachers working in English Medium Instruction (EMI) university contexts to:

  • Apply English language learning principles to the analysis, adaptation and development of materials appropriate for university level students
  • Apply, analyse and evaluate appropriate pedagogy for the 21st Century EMI classroom
  • Develop reflective practices that promote long term professional development pathways in the EMI sector

After the initial 35 hours of workshops lecturers will have:

  1. developed a greater understanding of good practice material’s development and teaching approaches in the EMI environment
  2. developed their understanding of how to use a range of group tasks in relation to improving interaction, motivation and production levels
  3. developed understanding of how, when and why to use a range of different group activities and tasks with different student types and groups
  4. developed understanding of how to use a range of question types when furthering analysis and evaluation of intercultural communication
  5. developed understanding of how to promote interaction, motivation and production in model lessons designed to further student analysis, evaluation, deeper level thinking and discussion skills
  6. developed understanding of the rationale for the use of the 4 C’s ( Content, Communication, Cognition, and Culture ) of CLIL in relation to EMI material’s development and teaching approaches
  7. developed understanding of how to apply principles of successful CLIL teaching when developing, adapting, and evaluating materials and teaching approaches to effectively develop student cognitive skills
  8. developed understanding of the importance of promoting integrated skill development
  9. improved their overall material analysis, adaptation and development skills, lecturing approaches and language abilities
  10. improved understanding of the roles of tasks 1 to 4 within the context of the CERT PT and their higher education (HE) material use and teaching contexts
  11. participated in the micro-teaching practice sessions with the goals of:
    • developing materials development, adaptation, and evaluation approaches
    • developing reflective and self-reflective teaching practices
    • soliciting feedback from peers in a positive, collaborative, and constructive environment to assist in the process of becoming an increasingly skillful, expert and effective material developer and reflective EMI lecturer

The 35 hours of workshops can be delivered intensively over 1-week or non-intensively over a semester.